Pump repairs

Machine body, new bushes and gears, all original parts used

All our pump repairs are carried out in our own workshops by a former Rolls-Royce machinist,who is recognised,in the industry, as the most experienced specialist in this type of work,having worked since 1970 for Cummins Ice-cream Vans and Kendrick Engineering,and now with Dan O Neill,That''s 39 Years!!,Nobody else can claim that.We only use genuine parts in our repairs,unlike many others new to this work. We also carry out Pump repairs for many of the main CARPIGIANI Agencies,there''s a recommendation!

Used pumps fully reconditioned

Off the shelf complete pump (please specify machine model and type of mix used,fresh or longlife,so we can tune your pump to give best overrun,and best profit from your machine) £750

Convert your pump - £495

We convert your "Bell" or "TP" pump to "R" Type,includes a brand new genuine faceplate,bushes and gears, machining of the pump body, and the valve, spring and regulator.

Brand new pump any type - £1295

We can supply brand new genuine pumps.Generous part exchange allowance for your old pump.

Why repair?

An important reason for choosing a machine with a pump is to increase the volume of the ice-cream by adding air to the liquid mix.This affects the machine in two ways:Firstly, it reduces the amount of mix in a given volume of ice-cream, which increases the number of litres the machine is able to freeze per hour,you can sell more,and,second:it increases your profit,because all those extra litres cost you nothing!

So, it makes sound financial sense to let us check your pumps over, give you an estimate of what it will cost you to return them to their original working condition, safe in the knowledge that they will soon be paying you.